豬絞肉末 100g
花椒 2T
蒜末 1/2t
薑末 1/2t
蔥花 適量

辣豆瓣醬 1.5T
醬油 1/2t
糖 1/2t
香油 適量

醬油 1/2T
水 1/2T
花椒粉 適量
地瓜粉 1/2T

1. 煮一鍋滾水,在熱水中加上少許鹽(比例 水;鹽=100;1),將豆腐切小塊後入水川燙約7~10分鐘後取出,燙過豆腐的水留著
2. 將絞肉放入醃肉調味料,拌均勻,至少要醃10分鐘
3. 另起一鍋,放入油用小火爆香花椒,油的量至少要3T,維持小火爆香花椒才不會苦,等花椒香味飄出即取出,用濾網將花椒粒與花椒油分開
4. 用原鍋放入絞肉翻炒
5. 爆香辣豆瓣醬1.5T、步驟3的花椒油1/2T、蒜末1/2t、薑末1/2t
6. 炒到香味出來後加入煮豆腐的水3t、醬油1/2t、糖1/2t及豆腐丁翻炒均勻,蓋上鍋蓋小火煮10分鐘(注意不要黏底,適度翻炒,如果太乾酌量加水)
7. 如果想要吃稠一點適量勾芡
8. 加上花椒粉、花椒油1T及蔥花即可上桌



Mapo tofu】 (for two people) 

Firm tofu 250g( or 8oz)
ground pork 100g 
Sze Chuan Pepper 2T 
Minced garlic 1/2t 
Minced ginger 1/2t 
Chopped spring onion 2T~3T (If you don't like it, you can put it lesser) 

Hot bean paste 1.5T 
Soy sauce 1/2t 
Sugar 1/2t 
Sesame oil 1/2t

Cure meat's Seasoning: 
Soy sauce 1/2T 
Water 1/2T 
Sze Chuan Pepper flour 1t 
Sweet potato flour 1/2T 

1. Cook a pot of boiling water, in hot water with a pinch of salt (the proportion of water: Salt = 100: 1), tofu cut into small pieces and put into the water boiled out after about 7 to 10 minutes, keep the water whuch burned tofu 
2. Add Cure meat's Seasoning into The ground meat, mix well and marinate for 10 minutes at least 
3. Use another pot, put the oil over low heat until pepper become fragrant, the amount of oil at least 3T, maintain small hot fragrant Sze Chuan Pepper not bitter pepper flavor smell that remove filter peppercorns and pepper oil separate .
4. Use original pot and put into the ground meat stir fry 
5. Add spicy bean paste 1.5T, Step 3 of the pepper oil 1/2T minced garlic 1/2t, ginger 1t 
6. When you can smell the flavor, Add water 1.5t, soy sauce 1/2t, sugar 1/2t and tofu then mix allof it, cover the pot and use low heat to simmer for 10 minutes (be careful not to stick to the bottom, moderate stir fry, add water if too dry proportionally) 
7. Plus Sze Chuan pepper powder, Sze Chuan pepper oil 1T and chopped spring onion.
8. Enjoy!! 


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